I've done over 600 art shows over the past 15 years, traveling over 400,000 miles across the country!  Above are just a few photos of my indoor booth for high end fine art and fine craft shows.  My booth contains 27 fabrics, and it takes 6 hours to setup and 2-3 hours to tear down.

The brass bed was made in the 1890's, and was given to me by my Grandmother as my childhood bed.  It's a testimonial, that if you make things nice, you don't have to make them twice!  I love American-Made. 

I've enjoyed making a living with my products and putting on a show for 1 to 100 people at a time!  After my presentation, I can't believe the claps and applause I receive.  I live for those moments.  It has inspired me to make many sacrifices with my personal life, but I wouldn't trade meeting the hundreds of thousands of people for anything.  It's priceless when my customers come back the next year and thank me. 

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